Carefully balancing on the edge of reality and dreaming, that is where Estiva feels most comfortable. Entering his musical world means you are bound to set sail on a journey where hypnotizing grooves flow effortlessly into euphoric imagination.

Dutch-born Steven Baan, known as DJ/producer Estiva, is at the forefront of a unique musical movement. Drawing inspiration from the beauty and dualities of the natural world and connecting the seemingly unconnected, he produces a delicate blend of progressive and melodic techno. Estiva puts the love for music first and reaches further than traditional labels. Whether he is playing extended sets at dark and intimate clubs around the globe or festivals such as Tomorrowland, Ultra, Cream fi elds or Dreamstate, Estiva takes his listeners on a meaningful journey.

In 2018 he released his universally acclaimed album ‘Spectacle’, accumulating over 15 million streams. A year later ‘Metamorphoses’ marked the next evolutionary step in Estiva’s artistic development. The album was naturally inspired by the namesake classic epic by Ovid, who noted that ‘all things flow, all things are born to change their shape’. It explored various and the more deeper uncharted parts of the electronic music spectrum. With his latest EP called ‘Sky’, released on Anjunabeats, Estiva shows us that he’s continuously pushing the envelope.